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canvas burning music production house recording studio phoenix arizona

Canvas Burning - the only music production house in Phoenix to take you through the entire recording process, from pre-production to having a beautifully packaged CD in your hands. We then go beyond that, providing opportunities to put you and your music in front of the people who you want to connect with your music.

This isn’t just another studio. This is an actual group of artists whose goal is to help the Christian community of Phoenix realize their God-given creativity. We are music lovers whose passion will be burnt into your project.


I recently asked to submit a demo to a local radio station. The hesitant assistant radio station manager stated “ we haven’t been accepting works from unsigned artists because of the poor quality of the production and/or artists’ ability. – we don’t have time to sift through the hundreds of demos that might come through.” When I let him know that though I am independent, I can assure a quality production because PFR’s own Patrick Andrew produced it, Vertigo Studio’s engineer, Gerald Fercho mixed it and SAE mastered it, he said, “send it to me and I’ll be glad to personally take a listen.”

I am more than happy with the ability of Patrick as a producer. He has agility and versatility as a musician and an ear for “something different”. Those qualities combined lent to that “extra special something” with my project. The high-quality equipment in Vertigo studios mixed with Canvas Burning’s, Patrick Andrew, guarantees the best quality of YOUR sound and YOUR music.

-Nicki Park NP Music, Gunner’s World Music publishing LLC